CMedia Windows Sound / Audio Driver Downloads

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This manufacturer makes BIOS / Motherboard, Card Reader, CD / DVD, Digital Camera, Game Controller, Graphics / Video Adapter, Hard Disk Controller, Input Devices (mouse, etc.), Modem / ISDN, Network Devices, Other Devices, Printer / Plotter / Multi-Office, Removable Drive, Scanner, Sound Card, USB.

List of CMedia Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

CMedia Sound / Audio Driver Update Utility
0106upgd Driver
1 Driver (2)
1869V+ Driver
622 Driver
639 Driver (2)
8330 Driver (14)
8330 C3D Audio Adapter Driver
8330 Chip set Driver
8330 SB16 Driver
8330, cmi3880 Driver
8330, CMI8330 Driver
8338 Driver (3)
8338-8738 Driver
8738 Driver (10)
8738 Logo CMI8738 Driver
8738 PCI Driver (5)
8738, 8338 & 8330 Driver
8738/8338 Driver
8738AM Driver
9738 Driver
9739 Driver
911411743 Driver
9739A Driver
973x/9761A Driver
9761a Driver
9928uggc Driver
AC'97 Driver
AC97 Audio Device Driver
AC97/CMI8738/C3DX Driver
ADD ON USB Cinema system Driver (2)
AOpen AW-840 PCI Audio Device Driver (3)
AOpen AW-840 PCI Audio Legacy Device Driver (2)
AOpen AW-840 PCI game port Driver
AOpen AW-840 PCI MPU-401 Driver
AOpen AW-850 PCI Audio Device Driver (3)
AOpen AW-850 PCI Audio Legacy Device Driver (2)
AOpen AW-850 PCI game port Driver (2)
AOpen AW-850 PCI MPU-401 Driver (2)
Artis 738s1 Artis738s1 WinXP Driver
ARTIS j-738s1 Driver
Asonic 8738 - 4C Driver
ASUS LEAP Audio Device Driver (2)
ASUS Virtuoso Audio Device Driver (3)
Audio Advantage Amigo Driver (5)
Audio Advantage SRM Driver (2)
Audio Excel CMI8330 Driver
audio excell av511 Driver
Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 Driver (2)
AuzenTech HDA X-Purity 7.1 Platinum Driver (2)
AV511-6CH Driver
Avance AC'97 Driver for Intel(r) 82801AA Controller (2)
Avance AC'97 Driver for Intel(r) 82801AB Controller (2)
Avance AC'97 Driver for Intel(r) 82801BA Controller (2)
Bannsan BS5 Driver
C Media 8738 Driver
C-Media 8338 Driver
C-Media 8738 Driver (2)
C-media 8783 Driver
C-Media 9738 Driver
c-media 9738 Driver
C-Media 9738 AC/97 Codec Driver
C-Media 9738 AC97 CODEC Driver (308)
C-Media AC97 Driver
C-Media AC97 Audio 64-bit Device Driver (4)
C-Media AC97 Audio Device Driver (556)
C-Media AC9738 Driver
C-Media Audio Device Driver (22)
C-Media Azalia Audio Device Driver
C-Media CM102 Like Sound Device Driver
C-Media CM106 Like Sound Device Driver (4)
C-Media CM108 Like Sound Device Driver
C-Media CM6501 Driver
C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device Driver (28)
C-Media CM8330 Audio Driver (WDM) (86)
C-media CM8330 audio driver WDM Driver
C-Media CM8338 Audio Driver (WDM) (113)
C-Media CM8738 Audio Driver (39)
C-Media CM8738 Audio Driver (WDM) (97)
C-Media CMI 8330, CMI-8330, CMI8330, CMI8330/C3D Audio Adapter, c8330, cmi 8330 Driver
C-Media Cmi8330 Driver
C-Media CMI8738 Audio Driver (WDM) (2)
C-Media Game port Driver (144)
C-Media High Definition Audio Device Driver (35)
C-Media Media Device Controller Driver
C-Media MPU-401 Driver (39)
C-Media MPU-401 Driver (WDM) (105)
C-Media Oxygen HD Audio Device Driver (20)
C-Media PCI Audio Device Driver (93)
C-Media PCI Audio Legacy Device Driver (243)
C-Media PCI UDAX Audio Device Driver (5)
C-Media SB16 Device Driver (20)
C-Media SoftMidi Driver (173)
C-Media USB Audio Device Driver (6)
C-Media USB Composite Device Driver
C-Media USB Sound Device Driver (19)
C-Media Windows Sound System (WSS) Device Driver (20)
C-media009 Driver
C-media041-2.044 Driver
c3dx Driver
c3dx cmi8738pci-sx Driver
C3DX Series Driver
c3dxpci Driver
CardBus 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver
Chip CMI8738 Driver
Claro halo Driver (2)
CM 8330 Driver
CM 8338 Driver
CM 8738 Driver
CM/CMI8383 Driver
CM102-A+/S+ Driver
cm108 Driver
cm18330 Driver
cm18330/c3d Driver
CM18330/C3D Driver
CM18330/C3D, CMI8330, CMI8330 1/25/2000, CMI8830 C3D [ beta ], cm18330 Driver
cm18738 Driver (2)
CM18738 Driver (2)
CM18738/C3DXPCI Audio Device Driver
cm18738/pci-sx Driver
CM3880 Driver
CM8330 Driver (5)
cm8330 Driver (4)
Cm8330 Driver
cm8330 and cm8330sb Driver
CM8330 MPU401 Driver (WDM) (17)
CM8330 SB16 Driver (WDM) (88)
CM8338, CMI 8338, HT8338A Driver
CM8338, ht8338 Driver
CM83830 Driver
CM8737, CM8338 Driver
CM8738 Driver (2)
cm8738 Driver (3)
CM8738/8330 Driver
cm87386ch Driver Driver
Cmedia 8738 Driver
CMI Driver
CMI 18738 Driver
cmi 8330 Driver
CMI 8330 Driver (13)
cmi 8330 / c3d Driver
CMI 8330, cm8330 Driver
CMI 8330, Version: 1.0 Driver (2)
CMI 8330, Version: 1.2 Driver
CMI 8330, Version: 1.64 Driver
CMI 8330, Version: 2.0 Driver
CMI 8330, Version: 1.64 Driver
CMI 8330, Version: 4.17 Driver
cmi 8330/ c3d audio Driver
server: web1, load: 1.12