LSI Logic DOS Driver Downloads

DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of DOS drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct LSI Logic DOS driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.

List of LSI Logic DOS Drivers

LSI Logic Driver Update Utility
BT 440C Driver (6)
BT 445C Driver (6)
BT-440C Driver (9)
BT-445C Driver (9)
BT-445S Driver (6)
BT-445S (Rev E) Driver (9)
BT-445S (Rev E), BT-540CF, BT-542B A-G), H), BT-742A A-G)... Driver
BT-445S (Rev E), BT-540CF, BT-542B A-G), BT-545C, BT-742A H), BT-958D... Driver
BT-445S (Rev E), BT-540CF, BT-542B A-G), BT-742A H)... Driver
BT-445S (Rev E), BT-540CF, BT-542B H), BT-545C, BT-742A A-G), (Rev... Driver
BT-540CF Driver (14)
BT-542B Driver (12)
BT-542B (Rev A-G) Driver (8)
BT-542B (Rev H) Driver (8)
BT-542D Driver (14)
BT-545C Driver (14)
BT-545S Driver (14)
BT-560 Driver
BT-640A Driver (14)
BT-646D Driver (14)
BT-646S Driver (14)
BT-742A Driver (12)
BT-742A (Rev A-G) Driver (8)
BT-742A (Rev H) Driver (8)
BT-746C Driver (6)
BT-747C Driver (6)
BT-747D Driver (6)
BT-747S Driver (6)
BT-757C Driver (6)
BT-757D Driver (6)
BT-757S Driver (6)
BT-930R Driver (7)
BT-932R Driver (7)
BT-946C Driver (6)
BT-946C (Rev A) Driver (6)
BT-946C (Rev Ae1) Driver (6)
BT-946C (Rev B) Driver (6)
BT-948 Driver (6)
BT-950R Driver (7)
BT-952R Driver (7)
BT-956C Driver (6)
BT-958 Driver (6)
BT-958D Driver (3)
DAC960-1 Driver
DAC960-2 Driver
DAC960-3 Driver
DAC960-5 Driver
DAC960E Driver
DAC960P Driver
DAC960PD Driver
DAC960PG Driver
DAC960PJ Driver
DAC960PL Driver
DAC960PLM Driver
DAC960PU Driver
DCE376 Driver
KT 440C Driver (6)
KT 445C Driver (6)
KT-440C Driver (9)
KT-445C Driver (9)
KT-445S Driver (6)
KT-445S (Rev E) Driver (9)
KT-540CF Driver (14)
KT-542B Driver (12)
KT-542B (Rev A-G) Driver (8)
KT-542B (Rev H) Driver (8)
KT-542D Driver (14)
KT-545C Driver (14)
KT-545S Driver (14)
KT-640A Driver (14)
KT-646D Driver (14)
KT-646S Driver (14)
KT-742A Driver (12)
KT-742A (Rev A-G) Driver (8)
KT-742A (Rev H) Driver (8)
KT-746C Driver (6)
KT-747C Driver (6)
KT-747D Driver (6)
KT-747S Driver (6)
KT-757C Driver (6)
KT-757D Driver (6)
KT-757S Driver (6)
KT-930R Driver (7)
KT-932R Driver (7)
KT-946C Driver (6)
KT-946C (Rev A) Driver (6)
KT-946C (Rev Ae1) Driver (6)
KT-946C (Rev B) Driver (6)
KT-948 Driver (6)
KT-950R Driver (7)
KT-952R Driver (7)
KT-956C Driver (6)
KT-958 Driver (6)
KT-958D Driver (6)
LSI20160 Driver
LSI20160L Driver
LSI20320, LSI20320IE, LSI22320SE, LSIU320, LSIU320 Driver
LSI20320-R Driver
LSI20810 Driver
LSI20811 Driver
LSI20860 Driver
LSI21003 Driver
LSI21040 Driver
LSI21320 Driver
LSI21320-R Driver
LSI22320-R Driver
LSI22802 Driver
LSI22902 Driver
LSI22903 Driver
LSI22910 Driver
LSI22915A Driver
LSI53C1000 Driver
LSI53C1000R Driver
LSI53C1010 Driver
LSI53C1010R Driver
LSI53C1020 Driver
LSI53C1020A Driver
LSI53C1030 Driver
LSI53C810AE Driver
LSI53C815 Driver
LSI53C825AE Driver
LSI53C860E Driver
LSI53C875 Driver
LSI53C875E Driver
LSI53C875J HBA Driver
LSI53C875J IC Driver
LSI53C875JE HBA Driver
LSI53C875JE IC Driver
LSI53C876 Driver
LSI53C876E Driver
LSI53C895 Driver
LSI53C895A Driver
LSI53C896 Driver
LSI8750SP Driver
LSI8751D Driver
LSI8751SPE Driver
LSI8951U Driver
LSI8952U Driver
LSI8953U Driver
LSIU160 Driver
LSIU40HVD Driver
LSIU40SE Driver
LSIU80LVD Driver
MegaRAID Elite 1500 Driver
MegaRAID Elite 1600 Driver
MegaRAID Elite 1650 Driver
MegaRAID Enterprise 1200 Driver
MegaRAID Enterprise 1300 Driver
MegaRAID Enterprise 1400 Driver
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