Micro-Star International (MSI) Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows Sound / Audio drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct Micro-Star International (MSI) Windows Sound / Audio driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.

List of Micro-Star International (MSI) Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

Micro-Star International (MSI) Sound / Audio Driver Update Utility
Realtek SB Emulation Driver (346)
RS3M-IL Driver (3)
RS480M Driver
RS480M, RS480M2, RS482M-F/ L/ FI/ IL, RS482M2-IL/ L Driver
RS480M, RS482M-F, RS482M-FI, RS482M-IL, RS482M-L Driver
RS480M2, RS482M2- L, RS482M2-IL Driver
RS482M-F/ L/ FI/ IL Driver
RS482M2-IL/ L Driver
RX480 Neo2-F Driver (2)
RX480 Neo2-F, RX480M2 Driver
RX480M2 Driver (2)
S150 Driver
S151 Driver
S152 Driver
S315 E Driver
S315 L Driver
S315 VD Driver
S315 VT Driver
S5E0 Driver
S5E2 Driver
SanDisk USB ImageMate Driver
SanDisk USB Imagemate (Authenticated) Driver
Saturn 890 Driver
Saturn 945 Driver
SI10S Driver
Sigmatel AC'97 Driver (2)
SiS 315_315E Driver
SiS 650 Driver
SiS 650_651_M650_740 Driver
SiS 650_740 Driver
SiS 650GX Driver
SiS 651 Driver
SiS 740 Driver
SiS M650 Driver
SiS315-BD3169-128M Driver
SiS315-BD3169-32M Driver
SiS315-BD3169-64M Driver
SIS315-BD3216-32M DDR Driver
SIS315-BD3216-64M DDR Driver
SiS315-BDA315 Driver
SiS315E-BD3172 Driver
SIS315E-BD3218-32M DDR Driver
Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer Driver
Sony USB CD-R/RW Drive Driver
Sound Blaster Audigy Driver (2)
Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128 Legacy Device Driver (9)
Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit Driver (2)
Sound Blaster PCI128 Legacy Device Driver (9)
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Driver (28)
StarSound Driver
Super Q965 Driver
SyrenSound X-Fi Driver
TEAC USB CD-ROM Drive Driver
TEAC USB Floppy Driver
Titan 700 Driver
U135 Driver
USB 2.0 (FS) ADFU Device Driver
USB ATAPI Storage Device Driver
USB CompactFlash Reader/Writer Driver
USB Composite Device Driver
USB Dual Slot Reader/Writer Driver
USB Floppy Driver
USB Human Interface Device Driver
USB Mass Storage Device Driver
USB Optical Disk Driver
USB SmartMedia Reader/Writer Driver
USB Storage Device Driver
USB Tape Driver
VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM) Driver (6)
VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio controller Driver (4)
VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM) Driver (6)
VIA AC97 PCI Sound Drivers, Version: Driver
VIA AC97 PCI, Version: Driver
VIA Gameport Joystick Driver (5)
VIA High Definition Audio Driver (26)
VIA High Definition Audio - VT3310(UAA 64Bit) Driver
VIA High Definition Audio - VT3310(UAA) Driver
VIA internal FM Synthesis Driver (5)
VIA MIDI External Port Driver (5)
VIA PCI Audio controller Driver (5)
VIA PCI Audio Controller (WDM) Driver
VIA Sound System Driver (5)
VIA VT1617 Audio Driver, Version: Driver
Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM) (54)
Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver 64 bits (WDM) (42)
VP-315S1 Driver
VP-315S2 Driver
VR601 Driver
WaveON USB Audio Driver
Wind Box DC520 Driver
Wind Box DE200 Driver (2)
Wind Box DE520 Driver
Wind Nettop 100 Driver
Wind Nettop 110(Linux) Driver
Wind Nettop 120 (XP) Driver
Wind Nettop CS 100 Driver
Wind Nettop CS 110(Linux) Driver
Wind Nettop CS 120 (XP) Driver
Wind Nettop D130 Driver
Wind PC (Linux) Driver
Wind PC 100 Driver
Wind PC 120 (XP) Driver
Wind Top AE1900, AP1900 Driver
Wind Top AE1920 Driver (2)
Wind Top AE2010 Driver
Wind Top AE2040 Driver
Wind Top AE2200 Pro Driver (2)
Wind Top AE2220 Driver
Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi Driver
Wind Top AP1900 Driver (2)
Wind Top AP1920 Driver (2)
X320 Driver
X340 Driver
X350 Driver
X400 Driver
X420 Driver
X430 Driver (2)
X600 Pro Driver
X600, X600 Pro Driver
Y-E Data USB Floppy Driver
YAMAHA AC-XG Audio Driver
YAMAHA AC-XG Audio Device Driver (4)
YAMAHA AC-XG Legacy Audio (CODEC/FM) Driver
YAMAHA AC-XG Legacy Audio (MIDI_OUT) Driver
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