Micro-Star International (MSI) Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows Sound / Audio drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct Micro-Star International (MSI) Windows Sound / Audio driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.

List of Micro-Star International (MSI) Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

Micro-Star International (MSI) Sound / Audio Driver Update Utility
880GMA-E45 Driver
880GMA-E53 Driver
880GMA-E55 Driver
890GXM-G65 Driver
910GLM2-V, 915GLM-V, 915GLM2-V Driver
910GLM2-V/915GLM2-V Driver
915G Combo Driver (3)
915G Combo 2 Driver (3)
915G Neo2 Platinum Driver (2)
915G Neo2 Platinum (V1.0B) Driver (2)
915G Neo2-FR (V1.0B) Driver (2)
915G Neo3-FIR, Neo3-FR, 915GM2-F, 915GM2-FI, 915GM6-F Driver
915G Neo3-FR/ FIR Driver (2)
915GLM-V Driver (2)
915GM-FR Driver
915GM2-FI/ L Driver (2)
915GM6-F Driver (2)
915GVM-V Driver (2)
915GVM-V, 915GVM2-L, 915GVM3-V, 915GVM6-F, 915GVM6-L Driver
915GVM2-L Driver (2)
915GVM3-V Driver (2)
915GVM6-F/ L Driver (2)
915P Combo Driver (2)
915P Combo 2 Driver (2)
915P Combo 2 V2.0 Driver (2)
915P Combo 2 V2.0, Neo3-F2R, Neo3-FR Driver
915P Neo-L Driver (2)
915P Neo2 Platinum Driver (2)
915P Neo2 Platinum (V1.0B) Driver (2)
915P Neo2 V2.0 Driver (3)
915P Neo2-F/ FR(V1.0B) Driver (2)
915P Neo3-FR/ F2R Driver
915PL Neo Driver (2)
915PL Neo-V Driver (2)
915PM-ILR Driver
925X Neo Platinum Driver (2)
925XE Neo Platinum Driver (3)
945G Neo2 Driver (3)
945G Platinum Driver
945GCM7-L (MS-7507), K9N6PGM2-V2 Driver
945GT Speedster-A4R Driver (2)
945GZM2-F Driver (2)
945GZM2-F, 945GZM3, 945GZM3 (PCB 2.2) Driver
945GZM3 Driver
945GZM3 (PCB 2.2) Driver (2)
945P Neo2-F Driver (2)
945P Neo2-F, Neo3 Driver
945P Neo3 Driver (2)
945PL Neo Driver
945PL Neo, Neo 3, Neo2 Driver
945PL Neo/ Neo3 Driver
945PL Neo2 Driver (2)
AC-Link 3D Game Audio Driver
ac97 sound driver Driver
ADI 188x, Version: Driver (2)
AG315-32 Driver
AG315-64 Driver
AG315E-32 Driver
AG315E2-D32 Driver
AG315E4-D32 Driver
AG315ET-32 Driver
AG315P-32 Driver
AG315S-64 Driver
AGP-125 Driver
AGP-130 Driver
All on-board Creative CT5880 chipset mainboards Driver (3)
AM-690E Driver
Analog Devices Wavetable Synthesizer(WDM) Driver (9)
Apollo 3D Thrill 315 Driver
Apollo 3D Thrill 315 Explorer Driver
AS315D Driver
AS315E Driver
AS315P Driver
AS315T Driver
AS315V Driver
ATI HDMI Audio Driver (12)
Axis 690 Driver (4)
Axis 700 Lite Driver (2)
Axis 945GM Driver (3)
Based on Realtek ALC series Audio code, Version: Driver
C-Media AC97 Audio Device Driver (30)
C-Media CMI8738 Driver (3)
C-Media High Definition Audio Device Driver (22)
CARDEXpert SiS315 Driver
CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device Driver (33)
CR420MX Driver
CR500 Driver
CR500, CR700 Driver
CR700 Driver (3)
Creative ES1373 Driver
Creative Gameport Joystick Driver (18)
Creative SB AudioPCI 128 (WDM) Driver (8)
Creative SB PCI128 (WDM) Driver (11)
Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128 Driver (9)
Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128 Embedded (WDM) Driver (10)
Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128PS (WDM) Driver (10)
Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 Driver (9)
Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (WDM) Driver (10)
Creative SoundFont Synthesizer Driver (8)
Crystal 945 Driver
Crystal A410 Driver (2)
Crystal Audio Codec Driver (3)
Crystal Audio Codec Game Device Driver
Crystal WDM Audio Codec Driver
CS315 DV Driver
CT5880 Driver
CX420, CX420MX, CX620, CX620MX, GE600, GE700 Driver
CX420, CX420MX, CX705 Driver
CX420, CX620, CX620MX, GE600 Driver
CX500, EX460 Driver
CX700 Driver (2)
D2Audio HDAudio Device Driver (2)
DKA790GX Driver
DKA790GX Platinum Driver
DT-302A Driver
DT-302AE Driver
E7205 Master-L Driver
E7205 Master-L (MS-9126), Version: Driver
E7505 Master-L Series Driver
E7505 Master-LS2 (MS-9121), Version: 5.12.3518 Driver
Eclipse Plus Driver
Eclipse SLI Driver
Ennyah Digicolor SiS315-315E Driver
FlashGate ME (Authenticated) Driver
FR700, FX400, FX610, FX700 Driver
Fuzzy 945GME1 Driver
Fuzzy 945GME2 Driver
Fuzzy CN700G Driver
Fuzzy CX700/CX700D Driver
Fuzzy GME965 Driver (2)
Fuzzy LX800/LX800D Driver
Fuzzy RS690E Driver
GE600 Driver
GNB Max Driver (4)
GNB Max2 Driver (2)
GX623 Driver
GX723 Driver
Hera KLE Driver
Hera PLE Driver
Hermes 650 Driver
Hermes 650-P Driver
Hermes 651 Driver
Hermes 651-P Driver
Hermes 845GL / 845GL-P Driver
Hermes 845GV Driver
Hermes 845GV-Lite Driver
Hestia 650 Driver
Hetis 800 Driver
Hetis 865G Driver
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