Intel Windows Modem / ISDN Drivers

DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows Modem / ISDN drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct Intel Windows Modem / ISDN driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.

List of Intel Windows Modem / ISDN Drivers

Intel Modem / ISDN Driver Update Utility
Ambient chipset Driver
ambient chipset 56628htl Driver
Ambient CLM Data Fax Driver (4)
Ambient CLM Data Fax Voice Driver (50)
Ambient Data Fax Vce Driver (10)
Ambient Data Fax Voice Driver (40)
Ambient Ham Driver (2)
Ambient Ham (or Cirrus Logic) MD5628 Driver
Ambient HaM Data Fax Driver (17)
Ambient HaM Data Fax Voice Driver (70)
Ambient Ham F0043A02927KOD Driver
Ambient HAM voice fax modem Driver
Ambient MD 1724T Driver (5)
Ambient MD 5690 Driver
Ambient MD1724T-11VC-B Driver (2)
Ambient md3200 Driver
Ambient md5628 Driver
Ambient MD5628D Driver
Ambient md5628d Driver
Ambient MD5628D HaM 56k Driver (2)
Ambient MD5628D VoiceFaxModem Driver
Ambient MD5628D-L-A Driver (2)
Ambient MD5628D-L-C Driver
Ambient Technologies Driver
Ambient Technologies CLM Serial Wave Device Driver (18)
Ambient Technologies HaM Serial Wave Device Driver (42)
Ambient Technologies MD 5628D-L-x Driver
Ambient Technologies Serial Wave Device Driver (40)
Ambient Technologies, Inc V.90 USB Modem Driver (10)
Ambient Technologies/Intel/Ham MD5628D-L-A Driver
ambient v.92 Driver
Ambient V34 External MODEM Driver (2)
Ambient Voice Modem Serial Wave Device Driver (2)
Ambient VPI56SPA Driver
AMI 2019E Driver
AMI IA98/IW98 V.92 Driver
AMI-2019E Driver (2)
ami-2019e Driver
AMI-2019F Driver
ami-2019F/2019C Driver
AMI-2019f/2019C Driver
AMI-IA56 Driver
ami-ia56\ie56 Driver (2)
AMI-IA92 Driver
AMI-IA92/IE92 Driver (2)
AMI-IA92/Intel 537 Driver
Amigo ami-2019e, Inakam Internal PCI Fax Modem V.90/V.92 Driver
Amigo AMI-2019F/2019C Driver
AMIGOCOM AMI-2019F/2019C P2019-3 CPIM0P2019-03 Driver
Angia 14.4 PCMCIA (FAX-PCM2-NL) Driver
Angia 14.4 PCMCIA (PCM144) Driver
Angia PCMCIA Modem Driver
Angia Safejack 28.8, V.34 PCMCIA Driver
Angia Safejack Terbo 19200 Data Fax Driver
Apex Data-Fax PCR-1414 Driver
Archtek Smartlink 28.8 Data Fax Modem Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem 1414BCV-BCL Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem 2834A Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem 2834A-1 Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem 2834BA Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem 3334BT Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem 3334BT Plug & Play Driver (2)
Archtek SmartLink Modem V32Te Driver (2)
ARN DX MC2 Driver (2)
ARN DX Nota Driver (2)
ARN DX PC Driver (2)
ARN DX PC & MC2 Driver (2)
ARN DX+ MC2 Driver (2)
ARN DX+ Nota Driver (2)
ARN DX+ PC Driver (2)
ARN DX+ PC & MC2 Driver (2)
ARN IS-DX PC Driver (2)
ARN MD MC2 Driver (2)
ARN MD Nota Driver (2)
ARN MD PC Driver (2)
ARN MD PC & MC2 Driver (2)
ARNIS MC2 ISDN Sync. PPP Driver (2)
ARNIS MC2 ISDN V.120 Driver (2)
ARNIS MC2 ISDN V.14 57,6Kps Driver (2)
ARNIS MC2 ISDN X.25 Transparent Driver (2)
ARNIS PC ISDN Sync. PPP Driver (2)
ARNIS PC ISDN V.120 Driver (2)
ARNIS PC ISDN V.14 57,6Kbps Driver (2)
ARNIS PC ISDN X.25 Transparent Driver (2)
ARNIS-DX PC ISDN Sync. PPP Driver (2)
ARNIS-DX PC ISDN V.120 Driver (2)
ARNIS-DX PC ISDN V.14 57,6Kbps Driver (2)
ARNIS-DX PC ISDN X.25 Transparent Driver (2)
ARNIS-MD PC Driver (2)
ARNIS-MD PC ISDN Sync. PPP Driver (2)
ARNIS-MD PC ISDN V.120 Driver (2)
ARNIS-MD PC ISDN V.14 57,6Kbps Driver (2)
ARNIS-MD PC ISDN X.25 Transparent Driver (2)
AT&T Comsphere 3800 Series Driver (2)
AT&T Comsphere 3810 Driver (2)
AT&T Comsphere 3810 Plus Driver (2)
AT&T Comsphere 3820 Driver (2)
AT&T Comsphere 3820 Plus Driver (2)
AT&T Comsphere 3825 Plus Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort 14.4-Fax External Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort 14.4-Fax Internal Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort 2001 Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort Express External Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort Express Internal Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort Express V.34 (28.8) Driver (2)
AT&T DataPort PCX 14.4 Data Fax Driver (2)
AT&T KeepInTouch 28.8 V.34 PCMCIA Driver (2)
AT&T KeepInTouch Card Driver (2)
AT&T KeepInTouch Cellular 28.8 V.34 PCMCIA Driver (2)
AT&T KeepInTouch Express Card Driver (2)
AT&T Modem Driver (2)
ATI 14400 ETC-E Driver (2)
ATI 14400 ETC-EXPRESS Driver (2)
ATI 14400 ETC-I Driver (2)
ATI 19200 ETC-E Driver (2)
ATI 19200 ETC-I Driver (2)
ATI 9600 ETC-E Driver (2)
Avtek MegaData Fax Driver (2)
Avtek MegaData Fax 144 Driver (2)
Avtek MegaPlus Fax 1234 Driver (2)
Avtek MegaPlus Fax 288 Driver (2)
Avtek MegaPlus Fax V.32bis Driver (2)
Avtek MegaPlus Fax V.34 Driver (2)
Avtek Mini Pocket Fax Driver (2)
Avtek PC MegaData Fax Driver (2)
Banksia Bit Blitzer MX-5 V.32 Driver (2)
Banksia Bit Blitzer MX-5S V.32bis Driver (2)
Banksia Bit Blitzer MX-6 V.32bis Fax Driver (2)
Banksia Blitzer V.32bis Fax Driver (2)
Banksia InFax Driver (2)
Banksia Joey Driver (2)
Banksia MainlyFax Driver (2)
Banksia Modem Driver (2)
Banksia MyFastInModem Driver (2)
Banksia MyFastModem 28.8 Fax Driver (2)
Banksia MyFastModem 28.8 V.34 Fax Driver (2)
Banksia MyInModem V.32bis Fax Driver (2)
Banksia MyModem V.32bis Fax Driver (2)
Banksia MyPocketModem Driver (2)
Banksia MyVoiceModem Driver (2)
Banksia ProModem MX-5W V.32 Fax Driver (2)
Banksia ProModem MX-6W V.32bis Fax Driver (2)
Barbie/Intel/SM56 Driver
Bausch 1414AV Terbo Driver (2)
Bausch CN-9642 SAM Driver (2)
Bausch euro Scout Driver (2)
Billionton V92 FAX Modem Driver (10)
Blatzheim GM 144 Vbis+FAX Driver (2)
Blatzheim GM 144H Vbis+FAX Driver (2)
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