IBM Windows Modem / ISDN Drivers

DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows Modem / ISDN drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct IBM Windows Modem / ISDN driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.

List of IBM Windows Modem / ISDN Drivers

IBM Modem / ISDN Driver Update Utility
IBM HPC Serial Wave Device Driver (3)
IBM ISA 33.6 FAX Internal Driver (2)
IBM ISA 56K Data/FAX Modem Driver
IBM ISA HPC Modem Driver (3)
IBM ISDN PC Card Driver
IBM ISDN/56K Modem/GSM Driver
IBM King ISA Plug and Play PCMCIA Controller Driver (2)
IBM Mwave Control Port Driver (9)
IBM Mwave Digital Signal Processor Driver (2)
IBM Mwave DSP Base Address Setup Register Driver (2)
IBM Mwave DSP Communications Port Driver (2)
IBM Mwave DSP, Audio Control, and DOS Games Driver (2)
IBM MWave MC2780-7E/MD-2781 Driver
IBM Mwave Reserved Driver (9)
IBM Networks Client per Windows 95 Driver
IBM OEM Mwave DSP Adapter Driver (3)
IBM part 12J2964 (US Robotics 0467) Driver
IBM PCMCIA 28.8+14.4 Data+Fax Modem Driver
IBM PCMCIA 33.6+14.4 Data+Fax Modem Driver
IBM PCMCIA 33.6k Driver
IBM PS-1 Internal Fax Modem Driver (103)
IBM PS/2 TrackPoint Driver (4)
IBM Push-Pop 14.4 Data FAX PCMCIA Driver (8)
IBM ScrollPoint PS/2 Driver (2)
IBM Thinkpad 14.4 Mwave Data Fax Driver (7)
IBM Thinkpad 28.8 Mwave Data Fax Driver (7)
IBM Thinkpad 701 Internal Modem Driver (5)
IBM Thinkpad 701 Internal Modem Voice Driver (98)
IBM ThinkPad 755cx (WD) Driver (2)
IBM ThinkPad Fast Infrared Port Driver (3)
IBM Thinkpad Infrared Port Driver (4)
IBM Token-Ring Adapter/A (4 Mbps) Driver (3)
IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter Driver (3)
IBM Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter (Legacy Config) Driver (3)
IBM Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter (PnP Config) Driver (3)
IBM Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring PC Card Driver (3)
IBM Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring PC Card 2 Driver (3)
IBM V.90 PC Card Modem with XJACK Driver (5)
IBM v.90 PCI Driver
IBM V.90 PCI Data Fax Modem Driver (14)
IBM Voice Modem Serial Wave Device Driver
IBM XGA Driver (2)
IBM XGA/2 Driver (2)
IBM xj1560 pcmcia Driver
IBMDSP2780 Dolphin Driver
IBMv34 Driver
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Controller Driver (3)
IntelliStation E Pro 6204 Driver
IntelliStation E Pro 6214 Driver (4)
IntelliStation E Pro 6836 Driver (2)
IntelliStation E Pro 6846 Driver (2)
IntelliStation M Pro 6849 Driver (2)
isa 56k modem for windows dsvd Driver
ISA Modem for Windows 56K DSVD Driver (9)
Joystick Gameport Driver (2)
k6k Internet Kit Driver
LT Win Modem Driver
Lucent 1641B FRU 02K2572 Driver
Lucent WDM Modem Enumerator Driver
Lucent Win Modem Driver
MD-2781 / MC2780-7E Driver
MD-2781 / MC2780-7E series Driver
MDSP 2780/1 Driver (2)
Mwave 33.6 Data Fax VOD Modem Driver (5)
Mwave Audio Device Driver (4)
Mwave Communications Port Driver (2)
Mwave Gameport JoyStick Driver (4)
Mwave MCI FAX Device Driver (6)
Mwave MCI Phone Message Device Driver (6)
Mwave MCI PhoneLine Device Driver (6)
Mwave MDSP-2780 Driver
MWAVE MDSP1012 Driver
Mwave Midi Port Device Driver (2)
Mwave MPU-401 Compatible Device Driver (2)
Mwave MPU-401 Port for DOS Driver (2)
Mwave Phone Message Device Driver (2)
Mwave Phone Message Wave Device Driver (2)
Mwave PhoneLine Device Driver (2)
Mwave PhoneLine Wave Device Driver (2)
Mwave Plug & Play Communication Adapter Driver
Mwave SoundBlaster Compatible Device Driver (4)
OEM Mfg 33.6 Data Fax VOD Modem Driver (7)
OEM Mfg 33.6 data fax vod modem Driver
OEM Mfg Audio Device Driver (7)
OEM Mfg Data Fax VOD Modem Driver
OEM Mfg Gameport JoyStick Driver (8)
OEM Mfg Midi Port Device Driver (7)
OEM Mfg Modem Wave Device Driver (8)
OEM Mfg MPU-401 Compatible Device Driver
OEM Mfg MPU-401 Port for DOS Driver (7)
OEM Mfg P-n-P Communications Adapter Driver
OEM Mfg Phone Message Device Driver (7)
OEM Mfg Phone Message Wave Device Driver
OEM Mfg PhoneLine Device Driver (7)
OEM Mfg PhoneLine Wave Device Driver
OEM Mfg SoundBlaster Compatible Device Driver (8)
OEM Mfg Telephony Audio Device Driver
P42H4321 Driver
PCMCIA 33.6k Driver
Phone Line Wave Device Driver (2)
Phone Message Wave Device Driver (2)
Porta a infrarossi IBM Thinkpad Driver
Porta di comunicazione IBM Driver (2)
Porta infrarossi IBM ThinkPad Fast Driver (2)
Puerta de comunicaciones IBM Driver (2)
R30 Driver
Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem Driver
Tape Bus Enumerator Driver
telepermit Driver
Think Pad 600 Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9702 Driver (3)
ThinkCentre A57 9703 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9703, A62 9486, 9625, A62... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9704 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9704, A62 9623, M57e 9358, M57e... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9708 Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9788 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9788, A62 3656, 3658, A62... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9789 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9789, M57e 6305, 7064, M57e... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9794 Driver (3)
ThinkCentre A57 9807 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9807, A62 3656, 3658, A62... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9851 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9851, A62 7092, 9342, A62... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9853 Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9853, A62 9624, M57e 9622, M57e... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9853, M57e 9622, 9948, M57e... Driver
ThinkCentre A57 9859 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57 9859, M57e 9349, 9358, M57e... Driver
ThinkCentre A57e 6306 Driver (2)
ThinkCentre A57e 6306, M57e 6176, 6179, ThinkCentre... Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9120 Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9126 Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9129 Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9134 Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9135 Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9136, M58p 7635, 9964 Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9137, M58p 7347, 7356, M58p... Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9140, M58 8910, M58p 3379, M58p... Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9141, M58 7359, 7360, M58... Driver
ThinkCentre A61 9142, M58 6175, 6239, M58... Driver
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