Creative Labs Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

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List of Creative Labs Windows Sound / Audio Drivers

Creative Labs Sound / Audio Driver Update Utility
CT2840 Driver
CT2860 and others Driver
CT2900 (Vibra16S) Driver
CT2910 Driver
CT2940 Driver
ct2940 Driver
ct2950 Driver
CT2950 Driver
CT2960 Driver (2)
ct2960 Driver (4)
ct2970 Driver (2)
CT2970 Driver
CT3600 Driver (2)
ct3600 Driver (2)
CT3670 (SB32 PNP) Driver
CT3900 Driver
CT3930 Driver
CT4170 Driver (5)
ct4170 Driver (3)
CT4170, ct4170 Driver
CT4170, SB Vibra 16c with FM Tuner, Sound Blaster ViBRA16X PNP, Vibra... Driver
CT4180 Driver (5)
ct4380 Driver
CT4500 Driver (2)
ct4500 Driver
ct4520 Driver
CT4520 Driver (3)
CT4520 CT4530 Driver
ct4550,ct4520,ct4390 Driver
CT4600 Driver
CT4620,CT4670,CT4760,CT4850,SBLIVE / SB LIVE VALUE Driver
CT4620,CT4670,CT4780,CT4830,CT4850,CT4870,SB LIVE Driver
ct4670 Driver
CT4670 Driver (5)
CT4670 & CT4830 Driver
CT4670 - SB Live Driver
CT4700 Driver (6)
ct4700 Driver
CT4700 5507 Driver
CT4730 Driver (9)
CT4740 Driver (7)
ct4740 Driver (6)
CT4740 (AudioPCI) Driver
CT4740 (ES1373) Driver
CT4740 w\1373 Chipset Driver
CT4740, ct 4810 Driver
CT4740, CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815, & CT4816 Driver
CT4740, CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815, CT4816 Driver
CT4740, SB16PCI Driver
ct4750 Driver (3)
CT4750 Driver (5)
CT4750 SB PCI128 Driver
ct4760 Driver
CT4760 Driver (2)
CT4780 Driver (8)
ct4780 Driver (2)
CT4780 SoundBlaster Live Driver (2)
ct4790 Driver
ct4810 Driver (36)
CT4810 Driver (27)
CT4810 (SB128 PCI) Driver
CT4810 + chip 5880 Driver
CT4810 or CT 4810 Driver
CT4810 PCI16 Driver
CT4810 SBPCI128 Driver
CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815, CT5800, CT5803 Driver
ct4810, ct5880 Driver
CT481x and CT4740 (were only checked more might?), creative vibra 128 Driver
CT4830 Driver (10)
ct4830 Driver (3)
Ct4830 Driver
CT4830 - SB Live Driver
CT4830, Sound Blaster Live Driver
CT483x Driver
CT4860, Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Digital Driver
CT4870 Driver (3)
ct4870 Driver
CT4870 (SB Live) Driver
CT4870 Live 1024/512 Driver
ct4880 Driver
CT50803 Driver
CT5306 Driver
ct5800 Driver
CT5803 Driver (2)
ct5803 Driver
CT5803, ct4810 - Ensoniq Audio PCI Driver
ct5805 Driver
CT5806 Driver
CT5806 ES1373 Driver
ct5807 Driver
CT5807 Driver (8)
CT5807/ES1373 Driver
ct5808 Driver
CT5808 Driver (2)
CT5808, pci 128 Driver
CT5880 Driver (7)
ct5880 Driver (5)
CT5880-DCQ Driver
ct5880-dcq Driver
ct6980 Driver
CT7160 Driver
CT:4750 Driver
CT_4740 Driver
DAV86 Driver
dell dimension 8250 Driver
DOS Mode MPU-401 Emulator Driver
E-MU E-DSP Driver
E-MU E-DSP Audio Processor (WDM) Driver (4)
E-MU E-DSP2 Driver
Ectiva 5.1 Driver
ECTIVA Audio 5.1 (WDM) Driver (3)
emu 10k1 Driver
EMU10K1 Driver
emu10kx Driver
ensonic audio PCI Driver
Ensonic Sb1373 (ES1373) Driver
ensoniq 1370 Driver
Ensoniq Audio PCI Driver (2)
Ensoniq Audio Pci Esi371 Driver
Ensoniq AudioPCI Driver (11)
Ensoniq AudioPCI 1371 Driver
Ensoniq AudioPCI, Sound Blaster 16 PCI, PCI 64 Driver
Ensoniq ES1370 Audio PCI Driver
Ensoniq ES1371 Driver
ensoniq es1371, etc. Driver
Ensoniq PCI Driver (3)
Ensoniq pciaudio Driver
ensoniq soundblaster pci 128 Driver
ensonique / sound blaster Driver
Ensonique Audio PCI Driver
ES 128d Driver
ES 1370 Driver (2)
es 1370 Driver
ES 1371 Driver (2)
ES 1371 On-board Driver
ES-1373 Chipset Driver
ES1370 Driver (3)
ES1371 Driver (6)
es1371 Driver (2)
es1371, etc. Driver
ES1371,ES1373, ct4810 Driver
es1371/1373 wdm Driver
es1371\1373 Audio PCI Driver
ES1372 - AudioPCI 64V Driver
es1373 Driver (3)
ES1373 Driver (2)
ES1373 ALL OS Driver
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