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List of Targa Windows Drivers

Targa Driver Update Utility
SiS 650GX Driver
SiS 651 Driver
SiS 651_650 Driver
SiS 651_661FX_741_760_760GX_M661FX_M661MX_M741_M760_M760GX Driver
SiS 651C Driver
SiS 661FX Driver
SiS 662_760GX_761_761GX Driver
SiS 740 Driver
SiS 741 Driver
SiS 760 Driver
SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver
SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver
SiS Accelerated Graphics Port Driver
SiS M650 Driver
SiS M652 Driver
SiS M661FX Driver
SiS M661MX Driver
SiS M741 Driver
SiS M760 Driver
Sitecom USB bluetooth2.0 class 1 dongle CN-521 Driver
Sitecom USB bluetooth2.0 class 2 dongle CN-512 Driver
Sitecom USB bluetooth2.0 class 2 dongle CN-520 Driver
Sitecom Wireless Network PC Card 54G WL-112 Driver (6)
Sitecom Wireless Network PC Card 54G WL-112v2 Driver (3)
Sitecom Wireless Network PCI Adapter 54G WL-115 Driver (6)
Sitecom Wireless Network PCI Adapter 54G WL-115v2 Driver (3)
Sitecom Wireless Network PCI Adapter MiMoXR WL-151 Driver (3)
Sitecom Wireless-N Cardbus Adapter WL-319 Driver (2)
Sitecom Wireless-N Network PC Card WL-180 Driver (2)
Sitecom Wireless-N Network PCI Card WL-181 Driver (2)
Sitecom Wirless Network PC Card MiMoXR WL-150 Driver (3)
Smart Link 56K Modem Driver (7)
Smart Link 56K Modem Device Driver (2)
Smart Link 56K Modem Wave Device Driver (2)
Smart Link 56K Voice Modem Driver (6)
SMC SMCWCB-GM EZ Connect TM 802.11g Wireless Cardbus Adapter with MIMO Technology Driver (3)
SMC SMCWPCI-GM EZ Connect TM 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter with MIMO Technology Driver (3)
Sony Bluetooth Device Driver (4)
Sony Card Reader(01BD) Driver
Sony Card Reader(034C) Driver
Sony Card Reader(0382) Driver
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Driver
SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio Driver (8)
Specialized MVD WDM VBI Codec Driver
Speedport Gigaset 54 Mbit Driver (2)
Storage Adapter Bridge Module (TPP) Driver (3)
SURECOM 802.11g WLAN USB Adapter Driver (3)
TAIYO YUDEN Bluetooth Device Driver (4)
Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device(BC04-External) Driver (4)
Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device(SAMPLE) Driver (4)
Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth USB Adaptor Driver (4)
Targa Companion 811 Driver
Targa Companion 811C Driver
Targa Companion 811D Driver
Targa Companion 811E Driver
Targa DataBox 250 Driver
Targa DataBox 250 II Driver (2)
Targa DataBox 300 Driver (2)
Targa DataBox III 300 Driver (3)
Targa Now 8821 Driver (3)
Targa Now AA64 2300 DC Driver (7)
Targa Now AN 3400 Driver (4)
Targa Now AN 3500 Driver (3)
Targa Now AV2600 Driver (8)
Targa Traveller 1016 Driver (7)
Targa Traveller 1512 Driver (4)
Targa Traveller 1526 Driver (9)
Targa Traveller 1534 Driver (6)
Targa Traveller 1561 X2 Driver (9)
Targa Traveller 1562 X2 Driver (4)
Targa Traveller 1574 X2 Driver (7)
Targa Traveller 1576 X2 Driver (18)
Targa Traveller 1577 X2 Driver (8)
Targa Traveller 1591 Driver (5)
Targa Traveller 1720 ML42 Driver (6)
Targa Traveller 1720 MT34 Driver (3)
Targa Traveller 1726 X2 Driver (7)
Targa Traveller 1776 X2 Driver (7)
Targa Traveller 1777 X2 Driver (8)
Targa Traveller 210 Driver (7)
Targa Traveller 811 Driver (6)
Targa Traveller 812 MT30 Driver
Targa Traveller 820 Driver (5)
Targa Traveller 826 Driver (5)
Targa Traveller 826T Driver (5)
Targa Traveller 826W Driver (6)
Targa Traveller 836W Driver (6)
Targa Traveller 856W Driver (9)
Targa Traveller 856WA MT34 Driver (9)
Targa Ultra 8521 Driver (10)
Targa Ultra AN64 3400_EU Driver (12)
Targa Ultra AN64 3500 Driver (9)
Targa Ultra AN64 3700 Driver (11)
Targa Ultra AN64 4200 DC Driver (6)
Targa Ultra AN64 4800 DC Driver (7)
Targa Ultra AN64 5000 DC Driver (5)
Targa Ultra AN64II 3700 March 2006 Driver
Targa Ultra AN64II 5000 DC Driver (7)
Targa Ultra AN64III 5000 DC Driver (7)
Targa Visionary 1300 Driver (2)
Targa Visionary 1600 Driver (2)
Targa Visionary 1600 PC Driver (3)
Targa Visionary 1700 PC Driver (6)
Targa Visionary 1800 Driver (2)
Targa Visionary 1800 PC Driver (4)
Targa Visionary 1900 Driver
Targa Visionary 2000 PC Driver (6)
Targa Visionary 2200 PC Driver (6)
Targa Visionary 2400 PC Driver (6)
Targa Visionary 2600 PC Driver (3)
Targa Visionary 2700 PC Driver (3)
Targa Visionary 3000 PC Driver (2)
Targa Visionary 3000WL PC Driver (7)
Targa Visionary 811 Driver (4)
Targa Visionary 811A Driver (7)
Targa Visionary AV 2500 PC Driver (5)
Targa Visionary AV64 3000 PC Driver (10)
Targa Visionary AV64II 3200 PC Driver (7)
Targa Visionary PCX 3200 Driver (7)
Targa Visionary XP Driver (6)
Targa Visionary XP-210 Driver (8)
Targa Visionary XP10 Driver (5)
TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor Driver (4)
TI Mistral Bluetooth Device Driver (4)
TOSHIBA Bluetooth Adaptor Driver (4)
TOSHIBA Bluetooth Adaptor-2 Driver (4)
TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor Driver
TouchChip Fingerprint Reader Driver
TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor Driver
TYAN TACHYON G9000 PRO - Secondary Driver
USB 2.0 Root Hub Device Driver (2)
USB Audio Device Driver
USB Bluetooth 2.0 EDR Dongle Driver (4)
USB Bluetooth Adapter Driver (4)
USB Bluetooth Device Driver (8)
USB Bluetooth Driver (ALPS) (2)
USB Bluetooth Driver (CSR) (2)
USB Bluetooth Driver (V2.0+EDR) (4)
USB Bluetooth EDR Device Driver (8)
USB Composite Device Driver
USB Flash Disk (TPP) Driver (3)
USB Mass Storage Device Driver
USB Optical Wheel Mouse Driver (3)
USB Storage Adapter AT2 (TPP) Driver (3)
USB Storage Adapter FX (TPP) Driver (3)
USB Storage Adapter FX2 (TPP) Driver (3)
USB Storage Adapter SL11R (TPP) Driver (3)
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