SuperMicro Linux/Unix Driver Downloads

DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Linux/Unix drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct SuperMicro Linux/Unix driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.

List of SuperMicro Linux/Unix Drivers

SuperMicro Driver Update Utility
5035B-S100 Driver (4)
5035B-S110 Driver (4)
7045A-C3B Driver
AS1010P-8 Driver (9)
AS1010P-8, AS1010P-8R, AS1010P-T, AS1010P-TR, AS1010S-MR, AS1010S-T, AS1011S-MR2... Driver
AS1010P-8, AS1010P-8R, AS1010P-T, AS1010P-TR, AS1020P-8, AS1020P-8R, AS1020P-T... Driver (7)
AS1010P-8R Driver (9)
AS1011M-Ni Driver (38)
AS1011M-Ni, AS1011M-T2, AS1011M-URV, AS1021M-82V, AS1021M-T2 V, AS1021M-T2RV... Driver (2)
AS1011M-T2 Driver (38)
AS1011M-URV Driver (38)
AS1012C-MRF, AS1012G-MTF, AS1022G-NTF, AS1022G-URF, AS1022GG-TF, AS1041A-T2F... Driver
AS1012C-MRF, AS1012G-MTF, AS1022G-NTF, AS1022G-URF, AS1022GG-TF, AS1042G-TF... Driver
AS1020A-8 Driver (29)
AS1020A-T Driver (12)
AS1020A-T, SS6014H-T, SS6014P-T, SS6014P-TR Driver (2)
AS1020C-3 Driver (10)
AS1020P-8 Driver (9)
AS1020P-8R Driver (8)
AS1020P-8R, PDSMP-8, SS5025M-4, SS6022P-8R, SS6023P-8, SS6023P-8R, SS6024H-82... Driver
AS1020P-8R, SS5014C-M8, SS5015P-8, SS5015P-8R, SS5025M-4, SS6012P-8, SS6013L-8... Driver
AS1020S-8 Driver (9)
AS1021M-82V Driver (66)
AS1021M-82V, AS1041M-82, AS2020A-8R, AS2021M-82R V, H8DC8, SS6015B-8 SS6015B-8V... Driver
AS1021M-T2 V Driver (38)
AS1021M-T2RV Driver (37)
AS1021M-T2RV, AS4021M-32R, H8SMA-2 Driver
AS1021M-T2V Driver (38)
AS1021M-UR V Driver (36)
AS1021M-UR V, H8QMi-2, H8SMU Driver
AS1021M-UR V, H8SMi-2 Driver
AS1022GG-TF, SS1016I-M6F, SS1016I-UF, SS2016Ti-HTRF, SS5016I-M6F, SS5016I-MR... Driver
AS1040C-8, AS2021M-82R V, SS5014C-M8, SS5015P-8, SS5015P-8R, SS6024H-82... Driver
AS1040C-8, SS5014C-M8, SS5015P-8, SS5015P-8R, X7DBX-8 Driver
AS1041A-T2F Driver (25)
AS1041A-T2F, SS7046A-6, X8DT6, X8DT6-F Driver
AS1041M-82 Driver (62)
AS1041M-T2 Driver (24)
AS2020A-8R, AS2021M-82R V, SS6025B-8, SS6025B-8R SS6035B-8, SS6035B-8R... Driver
AS2021A-32R F, AS2021M-32RV, AS2041M-32R B, SS1015B-3B, SS1015B-M3B, SS1016T-M3FB... Driver
AS2021M-82R V, SS6025B-8, SS6025B-8R SS6035B-8, SS6035B-8R, SS6035B-8R X7DVA-8 Driver
AS2021TM-BTRF, AS2041M-32R B, AS2041M-T2R B Driver (2)
AS2042G-6RF, AS4021GA-62R F, AS4022G-6F, AS4042G-6RF, SS1016I-M6F, SS5016I-M6F... Driver
AS2122TG-HIBQRF, AS2122TG-HTRF, AS4021GA-62R F, AS4022G-6F, AS4042G-6RF, AS4042G-TRF Driver
AS2122TG-HIBQRF, AS2122TG-HTRF, AS4022G-6F, AS4042G-6RF, AS4042G-TRF, SS1015B-3B... Driver
AS4020A-8R Driver (29)
AS4021GA-62R F Driver (26)
AS4021GA-62R F, SS5015A-PHF, SS7036A-T, SS7046A-3, SS7046A-6, SS7046A-T Driver
AS4021M-32R Driver (38)
AS4021M-82R Driver (66)
AS4021M-82R, SS6014H-8, SS6014H-82, SS6014P-8, SS6014P-82, SS6014P-82R, SS6014P-8R... Driver
AS4021M-T2R Driver (38)
AS4040C-8R Driver (24)
AS4040C-8R, SS6015B-8 V, SS7044A-82R, SS7044H-82, SS7044H-82R, SS7044H-X8R... Driver
AS4041M-32R B Driver (34)
AS4041M-82R Driver (62)
AS4041M-T2R Driver (34)
AW4021A-T2 Driver (38)
C2SBA Driver (9)
C2SBA II Driver (9)
H8DA3-2 Driver (39)
H8DA8-2 Driver (66)
H8DAE-2 Driver (38)
H8DAi-2 Driver (36)
H8DAR-T Driver (12)
H8DC8 Driver (8)
H8DCE Driver
H8DCR-3 Driver (10)
H8DM3-2 Driver (39)
H8DM8-2 Driver (66)
H8DME-2 Driver (38)
H8DMi-2 Driver (37)
H8DMR-82 Driver (66)
H8DMR-i2 Driver (38)
H8DMT-IBX Driver
H8DMT-INF Driver
H8DMU Driver (38)
H8QC8 Driver (24)
H8QM3-2 Driver (34)
H8QM8-2 Driver (62)
H8QME-2 Driver (34)
H8QMi-2 Driver (34)
H8SMA-2 Driver (37)
H8SMi-2 Driver (37)
H8SMU Driver (35)
i2DML-8G2 Driver
P3TDDE Driver
P4DP8-G2 Driver
P4DPL-8GM Driver
P4DPR-8G2 Driver
P4QH8 Driver
P4SC8 Driver
P4SCT Driver (14)
P4SCT II Driver (14)
P4SGA, SS5013G-6, SS5013G-I, SS5013G-M Driver
P8SC8 Driver (25)
PDSBA Driver (8)
PDSBA-Q Driver (8)
PDSG4 Driver
PDSM4 Driver
PDSMA Driver (4)
PDSML-LN1 Driver (4)
PDSML-LN2 Driver (4)
PDSMP-8 Driver (24)
SS1015B-3B, SS1015B-M3B, SS1025C-3, SS1025C-M3, SS1025C-URB, SS1025TC-10G... Driver
SS1015B-3B, SS5015TB-10G, SS5015TB-T, SS5035B-S100, SS5035B-S110, SS5035B-TB... Driver
SS1025C-M3, SS1025C-URB, SS1025TC-10G, SS1025TC-3F, SS1025TC-T, SS1025W-U... Driver
SS1025W-U, SS1025W-URB, SS6015A-NTV, SS6015B-3RV, SS6015B-3V, SS6015B-8 V... Driver (2)
SS1026T-6RF, SS1026T-6RFT, SS2026T-6RF, SS2026T-6RFT, SS6016T-6RF, SS6016T-6RFT... Driver (2)
SS1026T-UF, SS1026T-URF, SS1026T-URF4, SS1026TT-IBXF, SS1026TT-TF, SS2015TA-HTRF... Driver
SS2026T-URF4, SS2026TT-HIBXRF, SS2026TT-HTRF, SS5015A-EHF, SS5015A-EHF-D525... Driver
SS5013C-M, SS5013C-M8, SS5013C-MT, SS5033C-T, SS6013A-T, SS6014A-8, SS6014H-32... Driver
SS5013C-M8, SS5013S-8, SS6023L-8R, SS6024H-8R, SS6034H-X8R, SS7042P-8R, SS7043L-8R... Driver
SS5014C-MF, SS5014C-MT Driver
SS5015A-H, SS5015A-L, SS5035L-I, SS5035L-S100, SUPER-E100 Driver
SS5015P-T, SS5015P-TR, SS5015TB-10G, SS5015TB-T, SS5016I-M6F, SS5016I-MR... Driver
SS5016T-MRB, SS5016T-MRB-LN4, SS5016T-MTFB, SS5016T-TB, SS5017C-LF, SS5017C-MF... Driver
SS5017C-LF, SS5017C-MF, SS5017C-MTF, SS5017C-TF, SS5025M-4, SS5025M-URV... Driver
SS5025M-4 Driver
SS5033C-T Driver (14)
SS5036I-I Driver (42)
SS5036I-IF Driver (42)
SS6014A-8 Driver (39)
SS6014H-32 Driver (24)
SS6014H-8 Driver (38)
SS6014H-82 Driver (38)
SS6014H-i Driver (14)
SS6014H-i2 Driver (14)
SS6014H-T Driver (26)
SS6014H-X8 Driver (39)
SS6014H-Xi Driver (14)
SS6014L-M Driver (14)
SS6014L-M4 Driver (15)
SS6014L-T Driver (14)
SS6014P-32 Driver (24)
SS6014P-32R Driver (24)
SS6014P-8 Driver (38)
SS6014P-82 Driver (38)
SS6014P-82R Driver (38)
SS6014P-8R Driver (38)
SS6014P-8R, SS6014P-T, SS6014P-TR, SS6014V-M4, SS6014V-T2, SS6024H-32, SS6024H-82... Driver
SS6014P-T Driver (26)
SS6014P-TR Driver (26)
SS6014V-M4 Driver (15)
SS6014V-T2 Driver (14)
SS6015B-3RV Driver (17)
SS6015B-3RV, SS6015B-3V, SS6025B-3RV, SS6025B-3V Driver (2)
SS6015B-3V Driver (17)
SS6015B-8 V Driver (28)
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